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Petroperú denounced for hiring minors to clean the oil spill in Loreto

Panorama presented a report showing the impacts of this spill and also denounced Petroperú for hiring minors to clean up the remnants of oil in the affected area without proper protection.


New Stanford Model Can Reveal Globalization’s Effects On The Amazon

Stanford has unveiled new software that will be able to understand how outside influences can affect the sustainability of Indigenous people in the Amazon.


Roads through the rainforest: an overview of South America’s ‘arc of deforestation’

Roads, by their very nature, are indiscriminate pathways, granting access for travel and trade along with deforestation and other forms of environmental degradation.


Loreto: dump is affecting Peru’s Allpahuayo Mishana national reserve

The “Thirty” Landfill located at kilometer 30.5 of the road Iquitos – Nauta (Loreto) has operated for seven years at that spot, affecting the buffer zone of the Allpahuayo Mishana national reserve.

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