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Terra: Video of first contact of isolated indigenous in Acre, Brazil

On June 29 last an isolated indigenous people made ​​first contact with Ashaninka indigenous ethnic and Funai servers in the state of Acre, Brazil’s border with Peru.


Beyond the Amazon: Environmental management, climate change and sustainable development

Climate change, university reform, democratization of the media, research ethics and scientific advances were topics presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science.


Agência Amapá Notícias: Brazilian miners crimes identified in French Guiana

French and Brazilian Police identified crimes in areas of mines in French Guyana, mostly killings by Brazilian that occur in the mining area.


Deforestation ramping up in Yasuni as Ecuador sets to open up national park to drilling

Yasuni National Park has been in the conservation spotlight in recent years, with oil drilling threatening their forests and wildlife. Satellite data shows a significant increase in deforestation alerts within the park since 2011.

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