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Half of the environmentalists deaths in the world occurred in Brazil

Ranking held in 35 countries accounted for 908 murders between 2002 and 2013. In Brazil, 448 people were killed for defending the environment.


Legal logging concessions drive illegal logging in Peru

Nearly 70% of “officially inspected” logging concessions in Peru have had their permits canceled or are under investigation for major breaches of forestry laws, finds a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.


IPS: Deforestation in the Andes triggers an Amazon “Tsunami”

Deforestation, especially in the Andean highlands of Bolivia and Peru, was the main driver of this year’s disastrous flooding in the Madeira river watershed in Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest and the drainage basin across the border, in Brazil.


The New York Times: Losing ground and space in the Amazon

A global forest mapping system developed by a team of scientists from the University of Maryland, Google and the United States government is now able to pinpoint exactly where and at what rate deforestation is occurring around the world.

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