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Brazil signs forest deal after deforesting ⅓ of target set in Paris

The country abandoned the agreement signed in 2015 last year but has now committed itself again to similar goals for cutting emissions and protecting forests. Experts believe that the agreement is good news, but they view Brazil’s position with skepticism.

Forest fires reached all indigenous lands with isolated peoples in the Amazon

An exclusive survey shows that, between July and September, the period that marks the dry season, fires in lands with the presence of isolated peoples accounted for more than 25% of fires in indigenous areas. The most serious cases occurred on the border with the Cerrado, in Mato Grosso, Pará, and Rondônia.

Chemical products and deforestation modify Amazon River water

A study reveals that activities such as mining, deforestation and agriculture have altered the ecosystems and biodiversity of the waters of 149 major rivers throughout the world, putting entire populations at risk.