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Amazon’s largest city dumps almost everything in the river

Jeane Moura da Silva, 34, is a member of the third generation of residents of Educandos Creek, in the south end of Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon region. She lives with her three daughters, husband and grandson in the same place where her grandmother was born and raised and where everyone in the […]

Sargassum: Brown Tide Threatens the Caribbean

A decade after the first sargassum blooms were spotted in the South Atlantic, these massive brown mats of macro-algae represent one of the largest ecological threats to the Caribbean, a megadiverse region whose tens of millions of inhabitants heavily depend on tourism and natural resources.

Brazil’s isolated tribes in the crosshairs of miners targeting Indigenous lands

Mined Amazon has revealed 1,265 pending requests to mine in 26 Indigenous territories in Brazil that are home to isolated tribes. In 2020, half of the requests filed with the ANM were on lands with isolated tribes. Indigenous groups have filed a lawsuit with Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court against the government, and avert a “real risk of genocide” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illegal mining sparks malaria outbreak in Indigenous territories in Brazil

A letter from Jacareacanga City Hall, obtained exclusively by Mongabay/InfoAmazonia, asks the Evandro Chagas Institute for help because of a “major outbreak of malaria” in the municipality’s indigenous lands and points out that the increase in cases is related to illegal mining in the region. by Hyury Potter, Eduardo Goulart de Andrade e Fábio BispoTranslation: […]