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From Bolivia to the Tapajós: mercury trafficking for wildcat mining operations on Munduruku Indigenous Territories

InfoAmazonia visited location where illegal mercury is sold along the border between Bolivia and Brazil, for illegal use by wildcat gold mining operations in Amazonia. After the Minamata Convention, Bolivia became the world’s largest mercury importer and it is estimated that half of the metal is sold as contraband to neighboring countries including Brazil, which has eliminated its legal mercury imports.

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Bolsonaro’s Trick to Say He Takes Care of Small Farmers

During his electoral campaign, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), a candidate for reelection, and his former ministers have highlighted the record number of land titles granted, but say nothing about those titles being provisional or how the government cut down Incra (National Institute for Colonization and Land Reform) funding dedicated to land reform and reduced rural credit by R$2.5 billion.

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60 candidates in Amazonia had their campaigns funded by deforesters

They received a total of R$1.77 million in 8 states. Most belong to parties in Bolsonaro’s support base in Congress, in particular the Partido Liberal (PL) and the União Brasil. A candidate from Acre, convicted of modern slavery, received the largest donation to any candidate in the Amazon from his own father, arrested for environmental crime.