• Mined Amazon

    Mined Amazon map shows real-time updates of new mining processes within the 41 federal protected areas of integral preservation in the Amazon forest. Brazilian law prohibits any mining activity in these areas. The records are the result of information cross-checked from ANM and ICMBio databases. The records are published on @amazonia_minada Twitter Bot account, which tweets when a new mining request is registered.

  • Deforestation University of Maryland

    In partnership with five organizations, the institution researched losses of forest with high-resolution data from 2000 to 2013. Compare deforestation places with protected areas, indigenous lands and roads.

  • Management areas from Mamirauá Institute

    This map was made by Stefano Wrobleski and Thiago Medaglia using the data provided by the Mamirauá Institute on its florestal management areas. Rivers Rivers and waterways in South America. Source:OpenStreetMap Terrain elevation Remote sensing data showing terrain elevation on South America.Brighter greens correspond to higher vegetation cover. The representation intents to show the contrast […]

  • Critical environmental protection areas

    This map was made by Stefano Wrobleski using the database provided by the Instituto do Meio Ambiente e Homem da Amazônia (IMAZON) on critical protected areas in the Amazon on the period of 2012 to 2014. Deforested areas The brown polygon layer of this map represents the data from the System of Deforestation Alerts (SAD […]

  • Social Progress Index in the Amazon

    The Social Progress Index measures the social and environmental performance of 772 cities in the Brazilian Legal Amazon, regardless of economic development. It was updated in 2018 by the NGO Imazon based on a methodology created in 2013 by Social Progress Imperative, which had the support of several scholars and world experts in public policy.

  • Ativistas ambientais assassinados em 2014

    Ativistas ambientais assassinados 2014 Os dados mostram a localização dos assassinatos de ativistas ambientais. Fonte: Global Witness Trabalho escravo 2003-2012 Os dados demonstram o número de trabalhadores resgatados durante as intervenções da força-tarefa de propriedades rurais nos estados da região amazônica brasileira. Fonte: Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego Desmatamento 1976 – 1991 As áreas tracejadas […]


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