Journalist covering Nature Conservation, Wildlife Crimes, Science, Traditional and Indigenous Communities stories. Worked in newspapers, radio stations, federal and state governments, non-governmental organizations, and private sector. Post-graduate in Environment, Economy and Society from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences - Flacso (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Specialization in Socio-Environmental and Public Policies. Member of the Commission on Education and Communication of IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Global Manifesto Calls for End of Investment in Hydroelectric Power Plants

The appeal signed by 300 organizations around the world addresses the COP26. According to the document, hydroelectric power plants increase greenhouse gas emissions and deplete natural resources. In the Amazon, Belo Monte deforested an area larger than the city of São Paulo. Works at 12 hydroelectric plants could lead to the deforestation of 9,500 km2 in the Tapajós river basin.

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Ending the “Time Limit” Thesis Will Protect the Climate

Lawyer Luiz Eloy Terena, a Representative of the Coalition of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) at the Brazilian Supreme Court hearing in question, comments on the importance of demarcating indigenous lands for the protection of the country’s natural resources. MapBiomas data shows that only 1.6% of Brazil’s deforestation occurred in Indigenous Lands over 36 years.