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  • New frontier of gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon

    11/03/2016 clip Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project

    In the current report, we show the new gold mining frontiers in northern and central Peru: two cases in the region of Amazonas and a case in the buffer zone of El Sira Communal Reserve, in the Huanuco region.

  • Exclusive: new satellite images show oil drilling in Yasuni-ITT

    10/11/2016 clip Mongabay

    Mongabay has obtained a new, high-resolution satellite image of Petroamazona’s suspected pipeline and drilling platforms in the famed Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT) block. Obtained from Planet, the image was analyzed by the team at the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) just after Ecuador announced it had begun drilling in arguably the most biodiverse place on the planet.

  • Dams inevitably result in species decline, losses on reservoir islands

    09/28/2016 clip Mongabay

    Global dam study: reservoir islands shouldn’t be counted as conservation areas by developers. Island isolation inevitably leads to extinctions, ecosystem instability. by Claire Salisbury Hydropower development is booming, with controversial projects unfolding across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Though often presented as a green renewable energy option, dams can cause a litany of negative […]

  • Madre de Dios, Peru: The road that cuts the heart of the Amazon

    09/12/2016 clip Ojo Público

    An team traveled the forests of Madre de Dios, Peru, and discovered that an illegal highway promoted by the regional governor, Luis Otsuka, is the new corridor for the trafficking of timber and fuel from Cusco to center of illegal mining in the Amazon. Otsuka was accused of illegal deforestation last November for having […]


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