Reporter at InfoAmazonia in the PlenaMata project, Leandro was editor-in-chief of the Página 20.Net portal and reporter at the print newspaper Página 20 and the ContilNet Notícias website. He also worked as communication director at the Comissão Pró-Índio do Acre, at the Biblioteca da Floresta and at the Fundação de Cultura Garibaldi Brasil. Leandro holds a degree in Social Communication with a major in Journalism from the Federal University of Acre (Ufac).

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Deforestation in the Amazon in the month of July increases by 160% during the past three years of the Bolsonaro administration

An area the size of the city of São Paulo was deforested in the Amazon in July 2022 alone. Pará state leads the monthly ranking; however, the cumulative total for the year shows Amazonas state in the lead for the first time. Estimates suggest that the annual rate of deforestation in the biome will be the highest since 2006.

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“The Javari Valley shows us how the words of a president can lead to an  increase in crime”, says the indigenous defender Carlos Travassos

The murders of the indigenous defender Bruno Pereira and the British journalist Dom Phillips attracted the world’s gazes to the region of the Javari Valley, in the west of Amazonas. The second largest indigenous land in Brazil is home to the largest number of isolated populations in the world and has two National Indian Foundation […]