Finding Species

Finding Species is a respected organization which operates in megadiverse countries and in select temperate locations; a sought-after partner for conservation initiatives that values open communication; an inter-disciplinary team of photographers, biologists, policymakers, and finance experts; a builder of partnerships with federal and local governments, local communities, non-government organizations, scientists, and United Nations institutions such as UNESCO and UNDP.


Stories by “Finding Species”

  • Animals feel emotions?

    08/30/2011 clip Finding Species

    Photographs taken by Finding Species capture animal expressions of the Ecuadorian Amazon – as happens in humans. The aim was to record the emotions.

  • Yasuní, a place that inspires

    07/22/2010 clip Finding Species

    The most biodiverse place on Earth has inspired a generation of conservationists and photographers to register the richeness and the importance of the National Park in Ecuador. Click to see image gallery


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