Brazil: deforestation grows again in May. High in the year is 34%

Contrary to what the vice president said, devastation grew 12% in the month, 34% in the year and in 2019-2020 will probably be one of the highest ever recorded since the start of the count of Inpe

Far from ICUs and ventilators, indigenous people from the Amazon try to shield themselves from the virus

Analysis shows that the distance between villages inland in the Amazon and the nearest ICU bed can exceed 1000 km. There are no pulmonary ventilators in most Amazonian municipalities.

Sebastião Salgado calls for protection of indigenous people during the pandemic

One of the greatest photographers of today sends a letter to Bolsonaro stating that the Covid-19 epidemic may represent the genocide of several ethnic groups.

New study: Amazon authorities can’t get a grip on mercury trade

A new report dives into the underworld of the mercury trade, as experienced across the Amazon region; in Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname.

Agência Pública

An investigation on how large enterprises are changing the face of the Amazon region and the lives of its inhabitants. The news team of the Public Agency (Agência Pública) for Investigative Journalism went to three regions of the Amazon to understand the new wave of developmentalism. Between the months of July and October 2012, they traveled the mining pole in Maraba (PA), the Tapajós River Basin, and Porto Velho and the dams of the Madeira river.


Stories by “Agência Pública” - Page 4

  • Juriti Pact

    12/10/2012 clip Agência Pública

    The negotiation between the Alcoa multinational and western riparians of state of Pará generated an unprecedented agreement by “loss and damage”, but there are still doubts about the viability of the model.

  • The river of gold and soy

    12/10/2012 clip Agência Pública

    Beyond discussions on hydropower, the Tapajós river lives on mining issues – legal or illegal – and the expansion of agribusiness.

  • Video: Tapajós in trance

    12/10/2012 clip Agência Pública

    This video presents the second report in the series Public Amazonia on the hydroelectric project in the Tapajós River.

  • Video: Raging River

    12/05/2012 clip Agência Pública

    The video shows the second article in the series Amazonia Pública, about hydroelectrics on Madeira River:

  • Workers who stopped the progress

    12/05/2012 clip Agência Pública

    Protagonists of strikes that gained national prominence, the workers who build the plants in Rondônia still living under pressure and risk of accidents.

  • Megawatts War

    12/03/2012 clip Agência Pública

    While companies fight to extract maximum energy from the Madeira River, the local population is at the mercy of the complex consequences of the works.

  • Raging river

    12/03/2012 clip Agência Pública

    Waves swallow homes, fishes appear dead, while fishermen suffer from hunger. The Santo Antonio hydroelectric changed the river and life in Rondonia.

  • Life in transit

    12/03/2012 clip Agência Pública

    In the midst of works in Rondonia, thousands of men and women meet and grow apart, and the money disappears with the same speed that comes mixed with sex, violence and lack of public agencies.


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