Data and analysis

12 GB of updated datasets on the most pressuring issues of the Amazon rainforest. All data available for download. Get graphical analysis through maps and charts.

Map design

More than 30 layers of georeferenced data ready to be used on interactive maps. Make your own visualization with our tool and get the embed code to publish customized maps

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Journalists and
citizen network

Get news from a network of journalist which expands through 9 countries and read first hand reports of citizens and NGOs sent directly from the cities, forests and rivers of the Amazon

Special projects

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    Mined Amazon

    The Mined Amazon map shows in real-time the updates of mining requests within the 385 Indigenous Lands and 49 Integral Protected Areas of the Brazilian Legal Amazon. The Federal Constitution of 1988 and federal law No. 9,985 / 2000, known as the Law of the National System of Nature Conservation Units (SNUC), prohibit any type of mining activity in these areas.

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    Money giving tree

    Meet family farmers, technicians and government officials who help the country produce and at the same time recover Amazonian forests

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    Floods Alerts

    Pilot platform to inform local communities in advance about flood risks and empower journalists and researchers for historical analyzes of river levels

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    InfoAmazonia Network

    The project developed a low-cost monitoring system to analyze water quality for human consumption, and made the implementation with communities in the Brazilian Amazon. The results of the analysis are presented on real time in InfoAmazonia platform and alerts are sent to consumers through SMS.

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    Brazilian Deforestation Policy

    How much money is spent by the federal government to preserve the Amazon? Where resources are invested? A look at the modern era of deforestation (2007-2014) shows the successes and failures of the government’s strategy to combat the devastation of the Brazilian Amazon.


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