Amazon under pressure

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  • Forest fires in the Bolivian Amazon

    07/30/2010 clip O Eco

    After years of forest fires ravaging vast regions, official and environmental agencies begin to take action to avert the worst during the dry season in the Bolivian forest.

  • Yasuní, a place that inspires

    07/22/2010 clip Finding Species

    The most biodiverse place on Earth has inspired a generation of conservationists and photographers to register the richeness and the importance of the National Park in Ecuador. Click to see image gallery

  • Forest’s ugly duckling to the rescue

    07/18/2010 clip O Eco

    From being cut down for firewood and garden fences to serving as pasture ground for goats, mangroves have never really been seen as a legitimate member of the forest family. Now,Guyana’s mangrove forest takes on a new look

  • Renewed moratorium, reinforced monitoring

    07/13/2010 clip O Eco

    The new term of the agreement that forbids the planting of soy in deforested areas in the Amazon Rainforest will be jointly monitored in partnership with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

  • Mining vs. protection of the biodiversity

    07/02/2010 clip O Eco

    The world’s largest protected area, the Grão-Pará Ecological Station continues to be threatened by the Rio Tinto mining company’s interests in exploiting bauxite in its interior. A Work Group defines by September whether the protected area will be reduced.

  • A down-to-earth attitude

    06/01/2010 clip O Eco

    Paragominas, a township known as one of the main villains of deforesting in the Brazilian Amazon region, shows that the secret to reduce this practice lies in local partnerships. Click to see image galleryClick to see the infographic


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