Amazon under pressure

Stories on “Amazon under pressure“

  • The platform that was needed

    12/02/2010 clip O Eco

    Social organizations, companies and the media get together to develop the “Amazon 2030” project, which will monitor social and environmental indicators in the Colombian Amazon.

  • A senseless project

    11/23/2010 clip O Eco

    Without any energy deficiency problems, Peru begins construction of Inambari, yet another Pharaonic dam in the Amazon. The Brazilian consortium in charge includes Petrobras.

  • If you don’t like it here, move on

    11/18/2010 clip O Eco

    The Brazilian government is the main financer of the road that will cut through a national park and an Indian reserve in Bolivia. The construction work has already been granted a license over the opinion of indigenous peoples. Pressures caused the resignation of the Vice-Minister of the Environment.


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