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Deforestation ramping up in Yasuni as Ecuador sets to open up national park to drilling

Yasuni National park has been in the conservation spotlight in recent years, with oil drilling threatening the forests and wildlife of this biodiversity hotspot. Recently, disturbance in the park may have ramped up, with satellite data showing a significant increase in deforestation alerts within Yasuni National Park since 2011.


Peruvian oil spill sparks concern in indigenous rainforest community

A ruptured pipeline that spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Marañón River in late June is fueling concerns about potential health impacts for a small indigenous community, reports Environmental Health News.


Avina: Site on public narrative on Amazon was launched

Public narrative is a leadership tool and is placed at the service of mobilization, covers how we communicate our values ​​through stories.


El Universal: Inírida Star river, protected and free mining area

Colombia’s president signed a decree to declare the area as a protected area, and preventing it from being affected by activities such as artisanal mining.

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