Folha de S. Paulo: Insustainable BR-163

In charge of the Ministry of Environment in the first Lula government, Marina Silva had the plan ‘Sustainable BR-163′ as the main attempt to prevent deforestation caused by roads in the Amazon.


Andes Water Amazon

Watch the documentary. See all the pictures from the expedition geotagged on interactive map.


Data and analysis

12 GB of updated datasets on the most pressuring issues of the Amazon rainforest. All data available for download. Get graphical analysis through maps and charts.

Map design

More than 30 layers of georeferenced data ready to be used on interactive maps. Make your own visualization with our tool and get the embed code to publish customized maps

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Journalists and
citizen network

Get news from a network of journalist which expands through 9 countries and read first hand reports of citizens and NGOs sent directly from the cities, forests and rivers of the Amazon

Special projects

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    Andes Water Amazon

    One of the most important hydrological cycles of the planet takes place between the Andes and the Amazon: masses of moist air produced in the forest are dragged up to the mountain slopes, where they cool and precipitate as rain. One fifth of all the fresh water on the planet is generated in this area.

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    BNDES in the Amazon

    A database with information on fundings from the Brazilian National Bank for Economic Development (BNDES), the largest financier of large projects in the Amazon. Check out the profile of the companies benefited, the total funds invested in each project and much more.

  • Yasuni: Rainforest for Sale
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    Ecuador is the keeper of Yasuní, arguably the most biodiverse region on the planet, a place also rich in oil, located where the Amazon basin and the Andes mountain range meet. To preserve it, both the country and the international community arrived at a bold plan, to replace oil exploitation with environmental compensations paid by […]


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