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Phone-based logging alert system eyes expanding to the Amazon

After exceeding an ambitious fundraising target to launch a near-real time forest monitoring system in the Congo Basin, a San-Francisco based start-up is now eyeing expansion in the Amazon where it hopes to help an indigenous rainforest tribe fight illegal logging.


Targeted enforcement saved a Massachusetts-worth of Amazon rainforest in 3 years

The program, which imposes stiff penalties on municipalities that have excessively high deforestation rates, effectively avoided 1.23 billion tons of carbon emissions during the period.


Brazil could meet all its food demand by 2040 without cutting down another tree

Better utilization of its vast areas of pasturelands could enable Brazil to dramatically boost agricultural production without the need to clear another hectare of Amazon rainforest, cerrado, or Atlantic forest, argues a new study published in the journal Global Environmental Change.


Reuters report: To cut carbon emissions, give communities rights to forest land

Communities are far more likely to stop trees being cut down than governments or business, found research issued by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

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